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Hadoop Admin Course Introduction

Who is a Hadoop Administrator?

As the name suggests, a Hadoop Administrator is one who administers and manages hadoop clusters and all other resources in the entire Hadoop ecosystem. A hadoop admin’s job is not visible to other IT groups or end users. The role of a Hadoop Admin is mainly associated with tasks that involve installing and monitoring hadoop clusters. Hadoop Admin job responsibilities might include some mundane tasks, but each one in important for the efficient and continued operation of Hadoop clusters, to prevent problems and to enhance the overall performance. A hadoop admin is the person responsible for keeping the company’s hadoop clusters safe and running efficiently.

Hadoop Admin Job Roles and Responsibilities

Managing big data and hadoop clusters presents various challenges to hadoop admin’s with running test data through a couple of machines. Many a times, organizational deployments of Hadoop fail as the administrators try to replicate the processes and procedures tested on 1 or 2 different machines across more complex hadoop clusters. Hadoop Admins itself is a title that covers lot of various niches in the big data world : depending on the size of the company they work for, hadoop administrator might also be involved with performing DBA like tasks with HBase and Hive databases, security administration , and cluster administration. Instead of trying to put a hadoop admin in a pigeonhole, it is useful to take a look at what day to day activities a Hadoop Admin do –

Hadoop Admin Online Training Course Content

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Apache Hadoop
  • Chapter 2: HDFS and MapReduce
  • Chapter 3: Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop
  • Chapter 4: Exploring HDFS Federation and Its High Availability
  • Chapter 5: Using Cloudera Manager
  • Chapter 6: Implementing Security Using Kerberos
  • Chapter 7: Managing an Apache Hadoop Cluster
  • Chapter 8: Cluster Monitoring Using Events and Alerts

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