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SAP ABAP ON HANA Introduction

ABAP lays the foundation for countless SAP applications, with a broad range of features and functionality for creating powerful business solutions. SAP HANA provides the opportunity to innovate with new and sophisticated technologies. With support package stack (SPS) 08 for SAP NetWeaver 7.4, it supports not only in new custom development projects, but also in their existing applications.

it is very important for every ABAPer to know the improved programming standards because these techniques will help to improve the performance of the transactional (ALV) reports and applications (Webdynpro Apps) up to 1000 times when they run on HANA.

This article explores in detail the major ABAP development features delivered with SPS 051 that take advantage of SAP HANA — in particular, it looks at new features for database-independent programming with Open SQL, unified data modeling and definition with core data services, and simplified control of stored procedures with ABAP-managed database procedures.

In-memory technology powered by SAP HANA allows developers to delegate processing that is data-intensive to the database layer, rather than managing everything in the ABAP server and transferring huge amounts of data between the server and the database. This paradigm shift to “pushing down” data-intensive code enables more efficient execution and performance, as well as a separation between front-end UI logic and back-end application and database logic to support a modern application architecture.

SAP NetWeaver as ABAP makes it easy to utilize SAP HANA and develop SAP Fiori business apps, provides tools for migration to SAP S/4HANA . Superior open and extensible toolset for ABAP development in Eclipse with advanced source code edit, UI, test, search, navigation, Quality Assurance and troubleshooting, supports for new programming model for SAP Fiori .ABAP Managed Code-Pushdown makes easy to use SAP HANA in inventive applications through Core Data Services (CDS), Open SQL, and ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP).

SAP ABAP ON HANA Training Course Content

  • HANA Introduction
  • Introduction to High Performance Analytical Architecture
  • Components and Tools of SAP HANA
  • Advanced Database Management
  • SAP HANA Software Editions - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Hardware technology Innovations
  • Software Technology Innovations
  • SAP Components of SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA Function Libraries
  • Data Replication Methodologies
  • Life Cycle Management Components
  • SAP HANA on Application Development
  • New Technical Options
  • Code Push Down - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Impact on Database
  • Required skills for Developers
  • SAP HANA Positioning and Architecture
  • Architecture of SAP HANA
  • Data Provisioning - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Modeling on HANA Platform
  • Data Reporting
  • SQL Basics for SAP HANA
  • Basic Concepts of SQL
  • Fetching Data from Tables / Views
  • Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
  • Data Aggregation - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Modification of Data from Tables
  • Data Storage techniques
  • Accessing Data using Views
  • Database Transactions
  • View Modelling in SAP HANA STUDIO
  • Attribute Views
  • Analytical Views
  • Calculation Views
  • SAP HANA Views in ABAP - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Approaching Code to Data Paradigm
  • SAP HANA Views with Native SQL Approach
  • Access HANA views in External Views in ABAP DDIC
  • Transport of SAP HANA Objects
  • CDS (Core Data Services)
  • View Definitions using CDS
  • Open SQL usage - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • ABAP Language Enhancements
  • CDS implementation in CDS
  • Creation of CDS Views
  • SAP HANA Database procedures in ABAP
  • Database Procedures in ABAP
  • SAP DB procedures in ABAP - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Creation of AMDP
  • Development Environment
  • Basic Principles of Eclipse - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • SAP’s Eclipse
  • Integration of Eclipse and SAP Software
  • ABAP Development Tools (ADT)
  • Installation of ABAP Development tools
  • ADT in Development System - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Application Transport
  • Transport Management in SAP HANA
  • Combined ABAP/ HANA
  • HANA transport Container - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • Enhanced transport Container
  • Run Time Analysis with SAP HANA
  • Error Analysis
  • ABAP Code Analysis - SAP ABAP ON HANA Online Training
  • SAP HANA Plan Visualizer

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