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SAP Fieldglass Course Introduction

SAP Fieldglass is a VMS, that is, a cloud-based “Supplier Management System”. Fieldglass enables companies to organize and manage their flexible workforce, including labor and services managed through work reports. Such as project-based spending, commitments, and independent contractors.

Fieldglass is the current market leader in VMS (Vendor Management System). According to Staffing Industry Analysts. World’s leading companies, including GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Monsanto, and Rio Tinto, rely on Fieldglass to gain visibility into complex services, improve worker quality, corporately, and externally reinforce compliance and make efficiency programs more effective.

SAP buys Fieldglass In March 2014, SAP announced that it was planning to acquire Fieldglass, the leading provider of technology for the acquisition and management of labor and personnel services. The Fieldglass cloud-based VMS meets the growing demand among employers to manage flexible workforces. Who can be quickly engaged and over-passed in supporting fast-changing business and business needs? The clients.

Combined with collaborative network-based capabilities, the Ariba acquisition, and SuccessFactors human resources expertise, this purchase of Fieldglass uniquely positions SAP to provide a platform for companies to manage their entire workforce. For both temporary and permanent staff – starting with initial recruitment and joining ongoing development, performance management, retention, and retirement.


The SAP Fieldglass platform helps companies measure the performance of individuals and suppliers. And also the fulfillment of contracts to achieve optimal quality in the execution of their processes with consequent cost savings. SAP designs solutions for its customers based on a continuous improvement approach and advocating for a collaborative culture that is driven by creative entrepreneurship for problem-solving.

SAP Fieldglass Training Course Content

  • 1. Fieldglass Overview
  • Deliverable's type
  • Buyer side activities
  • Supplier Side activities - sap fieldglass online training
  • 2. Contingent Workforce Management Process
  • Deliverable types
  • Buyer side activities
  • Supplier Side activities - sap fieldglass online training
  • 3. Statement of Work Process
  • SOW (Statement of Work) Process Flow
  • SOW types
  • SOW Characteristics
  • SOW Workers - sap fieldglass online training
  • 4. Configs
  • Workflow Config
  • Table's config
  • Approver's roles config
  • Rule's config
  • Template Config - sap fieldglass online training
  • Template Types
  • 5. Reporting Functionalities
  • Report Customization
  • Buyer side Reporting section
  • Supplier side Reporting section - sap fieldglass online training
  • 6. Integration
  • Integration Scenario Manual maintenance of local Master data CIG (Cloud Integration Gateway) & CI 9 Connectors Concepts - sap fieldglass online training Master data Integration Transactional data Integratio

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