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SAP HANA Admin Course Introduction

Prerequisites For Learning of SAP HANA Admin

we assume that you are well-versed with basic SAP Basis and HANA concepts. You should have a good exposure to SAP HANA in-memory concepts, HANA Studio, and different options in HANA studio. If you are not aware of these concepts, then we recommend that you first go through on SAP HANA and Basis Concepts.

SAP HANA is an in-memory data platform that is deployable as an on-premise appliance, or in the cloud. It is a revolutionary platform, which is best suited for performing real-time analytics, and developing and deploying real-time applications. At the core of this real time data platform is the SAP HANA database, which is fundamentally different from any other database engine in the market today. This course will teach you SAP HANA Administration tasks in a single and distributed environment. This Course is specifically focused on admin activities in HANA system - System Management, Table Properties, License Keys, Smart data access, integration with different non-SAP systems, security management, and audit policies in HANA system and Migration Concepts .

SAP HANA is an in-memory database for performing real-time data analysis and development of applications on the top of real-time data. SAP HANA administration deals with managing SAP HANA system in a single and distributed system environment. Each HANA system can contain multi node architecture with each node containing multiple processors for fast speed data analysis and real-time data provisioning. You can use Smart data access to get the data from non-SAP systems without importing the data to HANA database, and virtual tables can be used to perform read/write data operations.

SAP HANA Administration includes the following activities −

Each SAP system contains multiple servers and it can be checked in HANA Studio under Administration tab. SAP HANA Studio contains Administration Perspective (default) to manage all admin tasks in HANA systems.

SAP HANA Admin Online Training Course Content

  • SAP HANA Introduction
  • SAP HANA – Introduction
  • SAP In-Memory Strategy
  • In-Memory Computing
  • Hardware-Innovations - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • Software-Innovations
  • SAP HANA Architecture
  • HANA Columnar Store
  • SAP HANA row store vs Columnar Storage
  • Revision strategy of SAP HANA
  • Architecture and Scenarios
  • SAP HANA Memory Management Vs Data Persistence
  • Software Packaging - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • SAP HANA Road map and Scenarios
  • Preparing Installation
  • Sizing of the SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA In-Memory Database Sizing elements
  • RAM, Disk, CPU - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • Memory Sizing
  • CPU Sizing
  • SAP HANA Scale Out / Scale UP
  • Directory Structure
  • Installation
  • Introduction SAP HANA Life cycle Management Tools
  • SAP HANA Studio installation
  • Installation steps (CUI / GUI) - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • Advanced installation options (Batch Mode)
  • Performing a Distributed System Installation / Multi node installations.
  • High-Available installations
  • System Replications (Primary to Secondary)
  • Post Installation
  • Post-Installation Steps - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • SHINE – SAP HANA Interactive Education
  • HANA-Live installations and Schema mapping
  • Updating SAP HANA
  • Admin Tools for SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA studio for administrator
  • DBA Cockpit - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • HANA DBA Cockpit
  • HDBSQL command line tool
  • Backup and recovery
  • Concepts of Backup and Recovery
  • Data Area backup - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • Log Area backup
  • Additional backup topics
  • Recovery & Database copy
  • Monitoring and Trouble shooting
  • Configuring Traces
  • Working with Diagnosis Information and Diagnosis Files
  • SQL Console & Query Analysis
  • Monitoring with SAP Solution Manager
  • Remote Support - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • SAP Early watch Alert
  • Maintaining Users and Authorizations
  • User Management
  • Types of Privileges
  • Roles - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • Administrative tasks
  • Information Sources for Administrators
  • High Availability and Disaster
  • High Availability - SAP HANA Admin Online Training
  • Disaster Recovery
  • SAP HANA Scale Out
  • Near zero time patching (HANA)
  • Multitenant Database Containers
  • Administration of Multitenant Database Containers
  • Backup and Recovery of Multitenant Database Containers
  • Pre-requisites/creating high-isolated tenant DB
  • OS-Level preparations for tenant DB
  • Data Provisioning
  • Configure data replication with SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT)

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