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SAP MII ( Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence ) Course Introduction

SAP Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence (SAP MII) is the proven solution for the process industry and is a comprehensive platform for Manufacturing Execution (MES) and integration solutions. SAP MII allows for real-time production monitoring and provides extensive data analysis tools.

SAP MII 15.1 allows you to integrate your plant and enterprise systems and display integrated data to your employees using SAP NetWeaver. You can use SAP MII to view, measure, and compare the performance of plants and assets with different automation system infrastructures. SAP MII reduces the cost of synchronizing plant and enterprise business processes by using the following:

You can also use SAP MII to analyze plant activity using OEE_MII and OEE_ERP. OEE is a manufacturing standard term to allow users to analyze plant activity both in real time and historically to measure, analyze, and adjust manufacturing performance. OEE utilizes the most common and important sources of manufacturing data and distils them into metrics that provide a gauge for measuring the availability and performance of equipment and the quality of goods that the equipment produces.

By assessing equipment performance, plant managers can gain insight into the efficiency and effectiveness of the manufacturing processes running in their plant. OEE metrics can help them pinpoint problems and gauge their impact on the overall manufacturing process; it provides a method for assessing progress as problems are corrected; it can be implemented quickly and easily. However, OEE is only part of the picture when it comes to achieving overall operational excellence. To be fully effective, OEE must be evaluated within the larger picture of the entire plant floor, and gaining that perspective is more involved.

The most efficient way of getting an overall view of plant operations is to integrate your enterprise software with the plant floor and share the overall manufacturing view to stations throughout the plant floor in real time. This empowers production personnel to make decisions concerning equipment based not only on the OEE metrics they can see for the equipment they operate, but on the current operating status of the entire production.

SAP MII (Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence) Training Course Content

  • Prerequisites to Learn SAP MII Training:
  • SAP PP
  • SAP Functional OR Technical Knowledge
  • And people who are working in Manufacturing Industry
  • 1.Introduction to MII
  • Introduction to MII
  • SAP MII Architecture
  • MII Admin page walk through
  • Security Services - sap mii online training
  • System Management
  • UME Data Services
  • Content Development
  • Plant Connectivity Integration
  • Message Service
  • Alerts and KPI’s
  • System Resource - sap mii online training
  • 2.MII Core Components
  • Data Connectors - sap mii online training
  • Business Logic Services
  • Visualization Services
  • Analytic Services
  • 3.Query Templates
  • Introduction - sap mii online training
  • Feature of Query Template
  • Different type of Query Template
  • 4.Display Template
  • Introduction - sap mii online training Feature of Display Template Different type of Display Template
  • 5.Business Logic Part1
  • Transaction
  • Data Queries
  • Local Parameters
  • Global Parameters
  • Data Types
  • Logic – SAP MII Online Training
  • Logging
  • Email
  • XML Functions
  • 6.Business Logic Part2
  • JCO-SAP MII Training
  • JRA – SAP MII Online Training
  • Reference Documents
  • Logging
  • Queuing
  • Web Service
  • 7.Business Logic Part3
  • Expression Editor – SAP MII Online Training
  • Expression Editor-Functions
  • Expression Editor-Operators
  • 8.X-PATH
  • Introduction SAPP MII Training
  • Examples – SAP MII Online Training
  • 9.IRPT
  • Web Scripting
  • Calling Query and transaction
  • 10.Message Listener
  • Processing Rule Setup
  • Clean up rule setup
  • Message Monitor – SAP MII Online Training
  • 11.KPI and Alerts
  • 12.Master Data Objects
  • MDO Query SAP MII Training
  • 13. Plant Information Catalog
  • PIC Query – SAP MII Online Training
  • 14. Self Service Composition Environment
  • 15. SAP Plant Connectivity

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