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SAP PI/PO Course Introduction

What is SAP PI

SAP PI (Process Integration) is an integration platform which provides seamless integration between SAP and non-SAP applications within the organization A2A (Application to Application) or even outside the organization B2B (Business to Business).

What is SAP PO

SAP Process Orchestration is a tool to automate and optimize business processes. It combines features of SAP Business Process Management (BPM), SAP Process Integration(PI) and SAP Business Rules Management(BRM). In other words, it's more advanced version of SAP PI and has all the tools required to integrate applications

SAP PI connects different platforms like

Let see how SAP PI handles the XML messages by the help of Integration Broker. The exchange of data or message in SAP PI occurs in this four phases

Message Transformation: During message exchange, it transforms the structure of the business data .

Message Routing: Forwarding a message sent by a sender system to one or more receiver systems.

Connectivity Adapters: Connecting the integration broker and receiver system, the adapter will transform the incoming message into an inbound message and later convert it to the format of the receiving system at the other end .

Integration Processes: Cross component Business Process Management (ccBPM) consists of functions for enhanced service orchestration.

SAP PI PO Online Training Course Content

  • SAP PI Basics
  • Use of PI - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • Advantages of using SAP PI
  • Architecture of SAP PI (Component Overview)
  • Dual stack versus Single stack differences
  • System Landscape Directory
  • Product
  • SWCP - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • Technical Systems
  • Business Systems
  • Aspects of SLD
  • Enterprise Service Repository (Design)
  • Importing SWCP - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • Creating Name spaces
  • Creating Data types, Message types
  • Creating Service Interfaces
  • Using External definitions
  • Message mappings
  • Operation mappings
  • Integration Directory (Configuration)
  • Creating Party (B2B)
  • Creating Business Components/Service / Importing Business systems
  • Creating Communication Channels - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • Creating Receiver Determination, Interface Determination, Agreements
  • Creating Integration Configuration and its advantages
  • Adapters
  • File
  • IDoc (Abap stack)
  • IDoc (Abap stack)
  • SOAP
  • JDBC - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • RFC
  • HTTP_AAE (Java Stack)
  • SFTP
  • Monitoring and Troubleshooting
  • Adapter Framework
  • Pipeline steps - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • Monitoring (RWB)
  • Single Stack monitoring
  • Queues
  • ALE Configuration
  • Interfaces
  • Simple XML File to XML file
  • Flat File to XML file
  • File to IDoc - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • Proxy Interfaces
  • SOAP to JDBC (Exposing webservice)
  • Alerts
  • SAP B2B Communication
  • B2B Cockpit Kit (EDI Communication using SAP)
  • EDI Separator - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • EDI Separator
  • Mappings
  • Basics of Java mappings
  • XSLT mappings - SAP PI PO Online Training (Stylus Studio)
  • Message Mapping
  • Miscellaneous
  • Transports
  • Version Management - SAP PI PO Online Training
  • Users in PI
  • Basic Info of ccBPM
  • Basics of Seeburger Adapters for EDI Communication

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