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SAP RAR Course Introduction

SAP Revenue accounting and reporting, RAR in short is an SAP delivered software designed specifically to help businesses comply with new statutory IFRS revenue standard (ASC 606) for revenue recognition and also has the flexibility to support existing requirements.

Revenue Accounting can be installed on SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5 or higher. If your Financials system is below that system level, you must first upgrade the system to at least SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 5 and install integration on top of your ECC system.

Revenue Accounting Integration and Revenue Accounting communicate by using RFC function calls. If these two instances are installed in different systems, you need to define an RFC destination with connection type 3 (Connection to ABAP System) in the system where Rev. Accounting Integration is installed, pointing to the system where Revenue Accounting is installed.

The new SAP RAR has been decoupled from the SAP SD environment and the revenue account process runs in silos with some integration configuration within SD area and involves five basic steps.

SAP RAR Training Course Content

  • Introduction to Revenue accounting
  • IFRS 15 Requirements / ASC 605, 606
  • Standard Revenue Recognition
  • Revenue Accounting Item - SAP RAR Online Training
  • Revenue Contracts
  • Price Allocation
  • Fulfillment and Invoice
  • Revenue postings - SAP RAR Online Training
  • Reconciliation
  • Cost Object integration
  • Migration - SAP RAR Online Training
  • Introduction to CRM and Hybris
  • BRF + introduction

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