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SAP Webdynpro ABAP Introduction

Webdynpro ABAP is SAP Standard UI Technology web applications in ABAP environment.


  • Reduces Implementation effort
  • Separation of layout and business data
  • Reusability of components
  • Automatic data transfer using context binding
  • Support Stateful Applications
  • Basic Concepts

    View : A view is a visible screen area and contains screen elements. Example a text field for entering Employee Name

    Controller: Every view has a dedicated view controller and every component has a component controller. View controller performs event handling based on actions triggered in a view.

    Window: A window contains one or more views. For a view to be displayed in the browser at run time, it has to be embedded in the window. Windows have inbound and outbound plugs and a window controller which is global and visible to all controllers with in a component.

    Component: A component contains all components like views, controllers, windows etc.. required to execute a WD application and acts as an application entry point. Components interact with each other via component interfaces.

    Application: Application is identified by a URL and is something executable for the user. When the user invokes the URL, WD creates an instance of the applications root component i.e. starting the root component and navigating to initial view which in turn is displayed in an initial window.

    Context: It is repository of data and like a data container. Data used in views or component are stored in context.

    Controllers: These are active parts in Web DynPro component. Component Controller and Interface controller are basically responsible for generating data which will be supplied to View Controller for display. Data that can be accessed by controller are defined in corresponding context.

    Plugs : They can be divided into Inbound plugs and Outbound plugs. Plugs are used for navigation between different views. To navigate from one view to the other, outbound plug of the calling view should be linked with the inbound plug of the called view. When a view is entered via an inbound plug, it triggers the event handler method and thus an event handler method is generated for every inbound plug.

    SAP WebDynpro ABAP Online Training Course Content

    • Object Oriented ABAP
    • OO Concepts - Polymorphism, inheritance, abstraction.
    • Classes, Instances, Interfaces, methods, Events.
    • Local/Global classes, Casting - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Introduction to Webdynpro
    • MVC architecture
    • Views, Windows, Components, Applications
    • Navigation between views - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Controllers
    • Types of Controllers
    • Component Controller
    • View Controller - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Interface controller - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Window Controller
    • Custom Controller
    • Hook methods of the controllers
    • Context
    • Nodes & attributes
    • Cardinality, Lead selection, Singleton,Supply function
    • Context Mapping - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • User Interface
    • Layouts
    • Simple UI elements
    • Complex UI elements
    • Programming with Controllers and Context
    • Reading/Writing/navigating from/to Context
    • Node/attribute
    • Service calls - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Example scenarios
    • Internationalization
    • Assistance class
    • OTR Texts - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Texts from assistance class
    • Messages & Exception Handling
    • Message handler class & wizard
    • Exception handler class & wizard - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Messages from T100 - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Component Usage
    • ALV (ABAP List Viewer) in WDP
    • OVS (Object Value Selector) in WDP
    • Select Options in WDP - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Advanced concepts
    • Service call in a WebDynPro application
    • Creating a service call
    • Messages
    • Debugging WebDynPro ABAP applications
    • Version comparisons in WebDynPro for ABAP
    • File export - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Working with dialog boxes
    • Input help - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Configuration of an included ALV component
    • Portal integration
    • Binding to portal: prerequisites
    • Integrating an application to portal
    • Integrating a PDF form in a WebDynPro application
    • Inserting forms
    • SAP list viewer in WebDynPro for ABAP
    • Integration of ALV in your Application
    • Managing ALV output area
    • FPM (Floor Plan Manager)
    • Floor plans
    • Object Instance Floorplan (OIF)
    • Guided Activity Floorplan (GAF)
    • Quick Activity Floorplan (QAF)
    • Generic UI Building Blocks (GUIBBs)
    • Feeder Class, Events - sap webdynpro abap online training
    • Introduction to POWL
    • Miscellaneous Topics
    • Enhancements to standard WDP components
    • Real time scenarios in R/3 & SRM Phase Model

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