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SAP BRIM Online Training | SAP BRIM Training Course Introduction

SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) is a modular billing solution for high-volume consumption industries and is used to ease the complex billing and invoicing process. It enables flexible consumption models and is used in different industries like telecommunications, financial services, utilities, media, logistics and public transport.

With the SAP BRIM solution, customer requirements can be implemented better and faster, and high data volumes can be processed with high efficiency. SAP BRIM simplifies the entire process of selling products and services and revenue sharing in the most effective way. SAP BRIM allows companies to design and tailor their pricing models and to create targeted products and services based on customer needs. Also, SAP BRIM offers the possibility of real-time pricing.

SAP BRIM provides flexible different options to the customer for automating the invoice process. SAP Hybris Billing provides an automated way of managing billing and ordering processes from the cloud.

SAP BRIM Features

Following are the key features covered under the SAP Hybris Billing/Revenue capability

key features of SAP BRIM (Hybris Billing) module

With SAP BRIM service providers can bring innovative pricing offers to market faster than the competition with an intuitive user interface that requires zero coding.

The solution supports prepaid, postpaid and hybrid models to monitor customer accounts in real-time and improve customer sentiment by giving subscribers control over their spending.

Pricing for complex B2C scenarios such as family plans is support out-of-the-box as are B2B scenarios like credit pooling and sophisticated tiered models. Calculation of partner revenue share can be configured right along with customer pricing.

Marketing and sales are empowered to craft pricing models that reward loyalty, offer partners flexible terms, and ensure accurate settlement.

Finally, operations can consolidate pricing for multiple services and multiple lines of business on a single, high-performance platform that dynamically scales to extreme transaction volumes with 99.999% high availability.

SAP BRIM Components

SAP BRIM consists of the following core components but also offers peripheral solutions which can be implemented as required to enhance the core BRIM solution.

SAP SOM (Subscription Order Management)

In the latest versions of S4/HANA SOM is an integral part of the end-to-end SAP BRIM solution. It is built as an additional function and is based on SAP CRM. Before this evolution, SAP CRM acted as the frontend through which companies connected with their customers for product and service selection.

SAP CRM and SOM are the starting point for SAP BRIM as it manages the product catalog, order creation and distribution and manages the contract lifecycle. It is integrated with Advanced Variant Configuration (AVC) for flexible product configuration. After the contracts and orders are created in Subscription Order Management, they are replicated to SAP FI-CA and SAP Convergent Charging for other processes (rating, charging, billing and invoicing) to take place.

SAP CC (Convergent Charging)

Convergent Charging is the core rating engine for the SAP BRIM solution and is designed to deliver pricing flexibility when charging customers. SAP Convergent Charging is used to determine the type of charges, such as recurring, one-time, and usage-based charges.

SAP CC is responsible for two main processes in the entire offer-to-cash: charging and rating. Charging determines the account of the customer who is paying for the service consumption, whereas the rating process focuses on calculating what the usage of a certain service costs.

SAP CI (Convergent Invoicing)

Convergent Invoicing offers a flexible solution for automating the billing and invoicing process. The process starts by accepting input (rated events, recurring charges, or complete bills) from one or more rating or billing software systems. It stores these inputs depending on their status and combines them into a single invoice for the customer and a single outstanding receivable.

SAP CI consolidates multiple billing sources into a single, simplified invoice from multiple sources. Once the charged and rated items reach SAP CI, they are stored as billable items and the processes of billable item aggregation, billing and invoice creation happens.

SAP FI-CA (Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable)

Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable is the last core component of SAP BRIM posts financial documents, receives or makes payments; manages disputes, credits and collections. It is the financial backend that provides subledger accounting postings tailored to accommodate the requirements of industry sectors in which companies must interact with multiple customers and many transactions. FI-CA also offers a wide range of functionalities like taxation, tax calculations, and country-specific processes, such as accounting principles, payment processing, collection management and partner settlement.

SAP CM (Convergent Mediation )

Convergent Mediation is not a core component of SAP BRIM, but it is a SAP partner product developed by company DigitalRoute. The component is pre-integrated into SAP BRIM and can be deployed quickly.

SAP Convergent Mediation enables a standardized approach to data mediation. As such, the software collects data from multiple sources, including a wide range of data sources and network technologies. The data is then filtered, converted, and consolidated into required formats to be used by other SAP BRIM components. The solution provides a single platform for all mediation activity. This reduces the number of multiple integration points required to manage data, it reduces IT infrastructure costs, and it increases flexibility and efficiency in data processing and innovation support..

SAP BRIM (Billing and Revenue Innovation Management) Online Training Course Content

  • 1. Master Data & Order Management in SAP CRM
  • Subscription order management within SAP Hybris Billing
  • Hybris Billing, subscription order management within SAP Hybris Billing
  • Master Data: Business Partner & Business Agreement
  • Provider Order, Provider Contracts & Order Distribution
  • High level Product Setup & Configuration - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Integration into SAP Hybris Billing Charging
  • Integration into Convergent Invoicing
  • Introducing SAP Convergent Charging
  • Core Tool
  • o Describing the SAP Convergent Charging Core Tool
  • Service Provider Master Data
  • o Describing Rating Logic Concepts
  • o Describing Charging Logic Concepts
  • o Describing Allowances - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • Customer Master Data
  • o Describing Customer Master Data
  • Advanced Exercises
  • o Completing the Advanced Exercises
  • Architecture and Integration
  • o Describing the SAP Convergent Charging Architecture
  • Web Services and Java APIs - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • o Describing Web Services and Java APIs
  • Charging Inputs and Outputs
  • o Describing Charging Inputs
  • o Describing Charging Outputs
  • Cross Industry Examples - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • o Describing Cross Industry Examples
  • Optional Topics (See Notes below regarding selection of topics in class).
  • o Describing the Refill Concepts
  • o Describing Batch Acquisition and Rating Toolset (BART)
  • o Describing the Import Export Connector (IEC)
  • o Describing Session Based Charging - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • o Using Convergent Charging as an Online Charging System (OCS)
  • o Installing SAP Convergent Charging
  • o Describing Performance Tuning
  • o Describing System Monitoring
  • Links and Resources
  • o Listing the Links and Resources for SAP Convergent Charging 5.0
  • Introduction to Billing for High Volume Industries
  • o Introduction to Billing for High Volume Industries
  • o Architecture of SAP Convergent Invoicing
  • Master Data/FI-CA Basics - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • o Business Partner Concept for Convergent Invoicing
  • o Contract Accounts for Convergent Invoicing
  • o Posting Open Items in FI-CA and FI-GL Integration
  • Billable Items Management - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • o Billable Item Management Overview
  • o Performing Billable Item Management
  • o Creating and Monitoring Billable Items
  • Billing Process
  • o Concepts of Billing in Contract Accounts Receivable and Payable
  • o Billing Process Execution
  • Invoicing Process - SAP BRIM Online Training
  • o Invoicing Overview and Execution
  • o Invoicing Process Configuration
  • o Invoicing Reversal and Billing Reversal
  • Invoice Functions
  • o Invoicing Functions
  • Account Display

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