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SAP EWM Extended Warehouse Management Online Training Course Introduction

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is used to efficiently manage inventory in the Warehouse and for supporting processing of goods movement. It allows the company to control their Warehouse inbound and outbound processes and movement of goods in the Warehouse.

The main process in a Warehouse is incoming and outgoing materials, goods receipt and goods issue, fulfil customer orders, and distribution of goods. When a company doesn’t store any goods, then there is no need of Warehouse management to manage goods.

Inbound process involves storage of goods in warehouse and their location and Outbound process involves picking up the goods. Whenever a material is stored in a warehouse, it is stored in the storage bin and you can find its current location.

With the help of SAP EWM all the goods movement are controlled by a warehouse management system and provides you the tools to monitor warehouse activities. You can also manage additional functions in the Warehouse like creating a serial number, batch number, vendor management inventory, resource optimization and value added services. SAP Extended Warehouse Management allows you to not only monitor the quantity of goods in Warehouse but to manage other critical functions and delivery of goods efficiently.

SAP Warehouse Management is opposite to Inventory management. Inventory management tells the count of goods in the storage location and its physical location is unknown. Warehouse management deals with goods movement and monitoring the physical location of the goods recorded with specific documents.

SAP EWM is different from SAP Warehouse Management

SAP EWM Online Training Course Content

  • EWM System Introduction
  • EWM system history
  • Business Environment and deployment options - sap ewm online training
  • Major Functions supported by EWM - sap ewm online training
  • Integration
  • Basic ERP and EWM Integration
  • Delivery Document Integration - sap ewm online training
  • Organizational Element and Master Data
  • Organizational elements creation and transfer from ERP to EWM
  • ERP organizational elements and its representation in EWM.
  • ERP and EWM specific organizational elements and Master data
  • Understand the use of Packaging Specification - sap ewm online training
  • Warehouse Process Type
  • Usage, creation and modify existing Warehouse Process Type
  • Determination of Warehouse Process Type - sap ewm online training
  • Goods Receipt
  • Goods Receipt process overview in EWM
  • Discuss the Inbound delivery document usage in Goods Receipt process
  • Availability group for inventory management
  • Direct Putaway Configuration
  • Putaway rules and Strategy - sap ewm online training
  • Capacity checking methods and configuration
  • Goods Issue
  • Goods Issue Process
  • Stock Removal Strategy
  • Pick Denial and handling partial picking process
  • Batch Management - sap ewm online training
  • Storage Control
  • Storage Control Concepts
  • Process-oriented Storage Control (POSC)
  • Layout-oriented Storage Control - sap ewm online training
  • Warehouse Order Creation
  • Basic funtions of Warehouse Order
  • Warehouse Order Creation Rule (WOCR) determination and configuration
  • Posting Change, Stock Transfers, and Replenishment
  • Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
  • Ad Hoc Movements and Replenishments - sap ewm online training
  • Product Quality in EWM
  • QIE Introduction
  • Configuration process of Quality Inspection in EWM - sap ewm online training
  • Integration of Production with EWM
  • Staging and Consumption process and its configuration
  • Receipt from Production process and its configuration - sap ewm online training
  • Physical Inventory
  • Physical Inventory Process - sap ewm online training
  • EWM Physical Inventory Process - sap ewm online training
  • Slotting
  • Slotting and Rearrangement
  • Configuration of Slotting process
  • Post Processing Framework (PPF)
  • Overview of PPF - sap ewm online training
  • PPF in Delivery processing - sap ewm online training
  • Labor Management
  • Overview, Activation and Master Data
  • Basic Process Configuration
  • Engineered Labor Standards,
  • Indirect Labor Tasks - sap ewm online training
  • Yard Management
  • Use of Yard
  • Determination of Staging area, Doors and Routes
  • Plan Transportation, Shipping and Receiving
  • Radio Frequency Process (RF)
  • Radio Frequency Framework
  • Work Processing using RF - sap ewm online training
  • Handling special products
  • Using Serial Numbers
  • Kitting
  • EWM Analytics
  • Monitoring and Analytical Functions - sap ewm online training

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