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SAP Central Finance Course Introduction

Central Finance is there in the market for quite some time, now additionally it can be seen as an approach to adopt SAP S/4HANA. It enabled FI documents to be replicated in a new Central Finance system which running on S/4HANA. Central Finance is relevant in an organization where there are multiple older SAP ERP instances or other Non-SAP Finance applications.

Central Finance exploits the capabilities of HANA i.e. real-time, speed and agility to replicate financial documents into the central system, giving a real time organization-wide financial view. In short, Central Finance allows you to create a common reporting structure for an organization.

  • 1. You can use the central finance to harmonize master data and replicate posting
  • 2. You can map master data from several source systems (SAP & Non-SAP) to harmonize master data in central finance system either manually or using SAP MDG (a separate license for MDG).
  • 3. For enabling the transfer of data between your source systems and central finance, you need to maintain mapping that defines the relationship between data in the source systems (SAP and Non-SAP) and data in central finance. Mapping is used during the initial load and day to day transactional data transferring to central finance system.
  • 4. Profitability segment data of an accounting document can also be transferred to central finance system. ACDOCA is updated with profitability document number and reporting on PA can be achieved in central finance system.
  • 5. Intercompany Reconciliation with Central Finance: AR and AP are replicated into Central Finance, intercompany reconciliation (ICR) can access these receivables and payables directly in the Central Finance system. ICR is compatible with central finance system.
  • 6. Document Relationship Browser: Using the document relationship browser, you can see the document flow of an FI document and can access the all link documents (CO, SD, MM) in origin/source system .All documents related to a transaction are available in the document relationship browser, provided the source system is an SAP system.Document can be navigated in relationship browser; you can use the following transactions: Controlling Documents: Actual (KSB5), then choose àEnvironmentàRelationship Browser àDisplay Document (FB03), then choose à Environment Document Environment à relationship Browser
  • 7. Harmonized Financial Reporting: Central Finance system collects data from different system and provides harmonized reporting in a single system .The picture below shows how data is replicated from the source systems to the S/4 HANA Central Finance system:
  • 8. Integrated Business Planning: Integrated Business Planning for SAP S/4 HANA, on premise edition (IBP) can be combined with S/4 HANA Central Finance to provide a central and consistent view of the planning process.

SAP Central Finance Online Training Course Content

  • Course Prerequisite:
  • Knowledge of SAP S/4 HANA Finance
    • This course will cover all the topics which are part of SAP course S4F04
    • Overview of SAP Central Finance in SAP S/4HANA
    • Project Execution for SAP Central Finance
    • SAP Central Finance Landscape Architecture - sap central finance training
    • Basic Setup and Configuration
    • Initial Load and Real-time Replication
    • Error Handling
    • Corporate Finance Processes supported by SAP Central Finance
    • Run Phase
    • Validation and Reconciliation
    • Reporting (incl. Side Panel)

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