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SAP S/4 HANA ABAP Course Introduction

The move from the classical SAP Business Suite to the Digital Core, i.e. SAP S/4HANA, places SAP HANA at the center of the game. The same is also valid when moving from traditional databases to SAP HANA – i.e. SAP Business Suite and SAP Business Warehouse powered by SAP HANA.

ABAP (development) for SAP HANA refers to all developments which leverage the power of SAP HANA within ABAP-based applications. In this context, the SAP HANA platform is the primary database underlying the ABAP platform. This system deployment option is supported with AS ABAP 7.4 onwards.

The introduction of the SAP HANA platform in the ABAP universe has brought a shift in the application programming paradigm.

The classical application programming paradigm, data-to-code, where a huge amount of data is fetched from the database, stored in internal tables and then processed on the application server, shifts to the in-memory database-powered code-to-data programming paradigm (aka code push down), where data-intensive computations are delegated to the database and only the result sets sent back to the application server. This reduces both memory consumption and workload on the application server, as well as the network load.

Just to avoid any confusion, it’s not primarily about storing all data-centric logic in the database layer, but more about moving their processing there.


  • HANA Introduction
  • Introduction to High Performance Analytical Architecture
  • Components and Tools of SAP HANA
  • Advanced Database Management
  • SAP HANA Software Editions
  • Hardware technology Innovations
  • Software Technology Innovations
  • SAP Components of SAP HANA
  • SAP HANA CLIENT - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • SAP HANA Function Libraries
  • Data Replication Methodologies
  • Life Cycle Management Components
  • SAP HANA on Application Development
  • New Technical Options
  • Code Push Down - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • Impact on Database
  • Required skills for Developers
  • SAP HANA Positioning and Architecture
  • Architecture of SAP HANA
  • Data Provisioning - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • Modeling on HANA Platform
  • Data Reporting
  • SQL Basics for SAP HANA
  • Basic Concepts of SQL
  • Fetching Data from Tables / Views
  • Retrieving Data from Multiple Tables
  • Data Aggregation - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • Modification of Data from Tables
  • Data Storage techniques
  • Accessing Data using Views
  • Database Transactions
  • View Modelling in SAP HANA STUDIO
  • Attribute Views
  • Analytical Views
  • Calculation Views - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • SAP HANA Views in ABAP
  • Approaching Code to Data Paradigm
  • SAP HANA Views with Native SQL Approach
  • Access HANA views in External Views in ABAP DDIC
  • Transport of SAP HANA Objects
  • CDS (Core Data Services)
  • View Definitions using CDS
  • Open SQL usage
  • ABAP Language Enhancements
  • CDS implementation in CDS
  • Creation of CDS Views - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • SAP HANA Database procedures in ABAP
  • Database Procedures in ABAP
  • SAP DB procedures in ABAP
  • Creation of AMDP
  • Development Environment
  • Basic Principles of Eclipse
  • SAP’s Eclipse - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • Integration of Eclipse and SAP Software
  • ABAP Development Tools (ADT)
  • Installation of ABAP Development tools
  • ADT in Development System
  • Application Transport
  • Transport Management in SAP HANA
  • Combined ABAP/ HANA
  • HANA transport Container
  • Enhanced transport Container
  • Run Time Analysis with SAP HANA
  • Error Analysis - sap s4 hana abap online training
  • ABAP Code Analysis
  • SAP HANA Plan Visualizer

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