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SAP TRM Course Introduction

SAP Treasury divided in to 4 modules,

There is a logical reason behind this grouping. Similar to FSCM, the interconnectivity between these modules are so very important and very high. Of these I will explain in brief about the most widely used modules in this – Cash & Liquidity Management and Treasury & Risk Management.

Cash and liquidity management is a widely used solution because of its easy usage and also it is one of the most important tool for any organization. This is used for cash planning and forecast of liquidity. I will try to explain with a use case for easy understanding. Assume we have multiple bank accounts. Also in each account, balance is not going to truly reflect the cash status. There might be cash locked in outgoing checks, incoming checks, suspense accounts, transfers which are yet to reflect in our account. Now we can see this at a consolidated level what is going to be the total balance remaining i.e. the exact liquidity we have for all accounts and also across all banks. The total balance for individual currency can also be viewed. This is just a simple use case. There are multiple ways in which we can structure the reports. Using Liquidity planner, we can plan for liquidity across time buckets so that we will be able to check exactly what our payments due and what is our cash strength to make those payments, what is the excess cash available for investments etc. But Cash and Liquidity Management is a receiving module and gets the info from FI, Treasury, In-House Cash etc.

SAP TRM Online Training Course Content

  • SAP TRM Basic Concepts
    • Overview and introduction into new functionalities, features and analytics within SAP Treasury and Risk Management
    • Exposure Management 2.0 for Foreign Currency and Commodity Exposures
    • Commodity Price Risk Hedging - sap trm online training
    • Hedging with Commodity Futures and Commodity Forwards - sap trm online training
    • New Hedge Effectiveness test – Regression Analysis
    • Overview on SWIFT Correspondence monitor for MT3xx and MT 5xx messages – Automatic matching and confirmations
    • Overview SWIFT Correspondence monitor for MT3xx messages – Automatic matching and confirmations
    • Transaction Manager – Money market, Foreign Exchange, Derivatives, Securities
    • Cash management
    • Risk Analyzer

    SAP Treasury Management and Risk Management Configuration

    • 1. General Settings in Transaction Manager
    • 2. General settings
    • Define Company Code additional data
    • Define Portfolio - sap trm online training
    • Define Traders
    • 3. Assign Factory Calendar
    • 4. Define and Assign Accounting codes and Valuation areas
    • 5. Initialization of Parallel Valuation Areas - sap trm online training
    • Define and Assign Valuation Classes
    • 6. Define Account Determination
    • 7. Money Market / Foreign Exchange - sap trm online training
    • 8. Define Product Types
    • 9. Define Number range for Transaction Types
    • 10. Define Flow Types
    • Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
    • 11. Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows
    • 12. Define Derivation Procedures and Rules
    • Define Update Types and Assign Usages
    • Assign Flow Types to Update Types
    • 13. Define Correspondence Activities - sap trm online training
    • 14. Assign General Valuation Class
    • 15. Securities
    • Define Currency Units - sap trm online training
    • Define Number Range for Security Classes
    • 16. Define Company Code-Dependent Settings for the Product Type
    • 17. Assign Flow Type to Transaction Type
    • Define Calculation Procedure for Derived Flows - sap trm online training
    • 18. Define Derivation Procedures and Rules
    • 19. Credit Risk Analyzer ( SAP Risk Management)
    • 20. Global Settings
    • Define Collateral Priority
    • 21. Define Collateral Type - sap trm online training
    • 22. Activate/Deactivate Financial Object Integration
    • 23. Derive Default Risk Control Parameters for Money Market transactions
    • 24. Activate Integrated Default Risk Limit Check

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